Since posting our article a few months ago about ‘high protein diets’ we’ve been receiving lots of questions about how to make protein shakes. I guess the picture of the protein shakes in the article really caught your eyes! I’ve been making protein shakes for women, friends and for myself for many years. I actually really enjoy coming up with different combinations.

How to make a protein shake

Your first ingredient will be your base layer, this is some sort of liquid that will effect the texture of your shake. You can really have any sort of liquid you want, from Greek yogurt to water. Water is considered the best and most natural and convenient base layer. But I’ve also used almond milk and juice in the past.

protein shakes for womenThe next step is adding your protein. There are a number of protein powders available to your. I prefer pea protein as I’m a vegetarian and I prefer plant based protein powders. My body can use the protein to do all the necessary repairs quickly. I make a protein shake every morning, as it fills me up perfectly before I head to work. Add what ever protein you like and remember to give it a really good mix.

Check out these sites for more protein powder information.

The third things you’ll need to add are your goodies, this is where the fun begins and you can really start to get creative. I tend you start with berries – strawberries, blueberries, etc. Berries are a really good antioxidant – so they’ll keep your skin looking fresh. Bananas are great for shakes too. They add a lot of texture and a very distinct taste, if you’re a banana person.

Finally, if you need some more texture add ice cubes – you could start to make a smoothie (which is considered a bit thicker than a shake)

Blend it really well for about 30 seconds and enjoy.

You Asked: Tips For Making Protein Shakes