In the past few years, more and more models, both male and female, have started to become interested in creating a online model portfolio.

For models


The membership for models costs nothing while a charge is charged for employer membership. Modelling websites cater both to models and potential employers, giving a quite a few benefits to each party. For the models, you have a a way to post and control info about yourself, construct a profile and enter a number photographs that you feel best represent yourself. You also have the opportunity to network with a wide range of potential employers.

For Employers

For photographers, fashion designers and other professionals working in an assortment of fields; they can all utilize these site to find the perfect models they need. For employers, they are given such a large pool of potential talent to work with. This caters to any and all styles of jobs, allowing them to potentially find the best person for the job. They can cut out audition time by browsing profiles and the information on each profile, only interview their final list of models. There are so many model portfolios present on such websites, so employers definitely have from where to choose. Plus, new models are introduced on a regular basis and their information is always kept up-to-date.

Here is an example of one such site:

One of the downsides to these online sites is the fact that you do become lost in the mix. With so many model on these sites gaining traction and popularity may be difficult. There is also a risk of find unprofessional employers. Working with an agency, you’ll find a human to human connection between the employer and the agency, one that is built on a previous working relationship and mutual trust. With that being said – we feel like there is a place in the industry for both styles of promotion and representation.

Image by  Joel Devereux

Creating Online Modelling Portfolio