Since our blog is a mixture of lifestyle, modeling and health, we’ve started to receive a lot of questions about morning routines, in particular eating healthy. One of the best way to get a healthy start to each morning is to get a good source of protein. You may not have the time to cook up a protein rich meal so an alternative is to drink protein powder. You may have read our recent post on smoothies. Below we’ve highlighted our favorite protein powder. We don’t have an affiliation with the product, just sharing because it’s the one we use.

I’ve recently switched to a planet-based protein powder called pea protein. However, I’ve taken it one step further and tried to find one of the most protein per scoop. Pea protein is considered a of the best sources of protein available. It has a balanced amino acid spread and high protein concentration.

Pea protein isolate is where I finally settled. This is type of Pea Protein Powder that is concentrated to around 80% protein per serving. This is quite different to a normal pea protein which only provides 55% to 75% protein per serving.

One of the top reasons why people choose to use pea protein is because it’s very easy to digest – compared to other milk based powders. Pea protein is a high quality hypoallergenic powder so it is perfect for someone looking to avoid dairy and soya based proteins. Furthermore, pea protein is also gluten free.

pea protein powderBelow is a my favourite pea protein powder. I can’t say which other ones I like because this is the only one I’ve used. So far I’m extremely happy with the results – one of the many issues people have with milk-based protein powders is the bloating feeling you get afterwords. I don’t have any of these issues and I can still get a good amount of protein after a workout. Staying fit, and healthy is an important part of modelling but remembering to eat well is also extremely important – protein powders have allowed me to do this very easily.

Pea Protein Powder

Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins

This plant based protein powder is a combination of a few different plant based proteins: pea protein isolate, natural hemp and brown rice. Most importantly, it’s free of dairy, gluten and soy. Although it’s protein yield is lower than most, it’s the cheapest of the bunch and is made up of five different organic, plant based proteins (pea, rice, hemp, chlorella and chia). This has been a really good starting protein powder for me, I’ll update this page as I progress on my protein powder journey.

Our New Protein Powder – Pea Protein Powder