We’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite documentaries that all focus around the same subject of healthy and fitness. Topics range from weight-lifting to using juicing and even the pro’s and con’s of using supplements.

1. Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

This film looks at how juicing fruits and vegetables can drastically improve your health. The film centres around Joe Cross, a Australian man in his forties, who decided to make a cross-country trip around America while only juicing. Along the way he shares his story with some of the most overweight people in America.

2. BBC’s Panorama Series

Although slightly difficult to find, BBC’s Panorama is one of the finest and longest running documentary series on television. It has a reputation for researching subjects that have a mass market appeal. This show focuses on investigating the sports drink industry, it then moves to protein powders and debates whether these supplements are good for you. If you’re interested in joining the debate or would like to know more about protein powders try this wiki page

3. Pumping Iron

An in depth look at the early, bodybuilding years of movie-star/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film explores bodybuilding in it’s hay-day and the ability to completely transform your body into a super-human level. Forget protein powders and energy bars, this is pure weight lifting at its finest.

4. Food, Inc.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner, gives the audience an in depth looking into the American food industry and the control it has over the consumer and more shockingly the people in charge. Once you learn the truth about where your food comes from, you may not want to enter a supermarket ever again.


Our Favourite Health and Fitness Documentaries