MKU has redefined what it means to be a modeling agency. We connect you with the best talents in the Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Mateo, San Jose and beyond. Launched in the early days of 2013, MKU has become more than a passion project for our co-founders – it’s become a lifestyle. We strive to connect our clients with the best talent we can find. We search high a low for the perfect fit. Leaving no stone unturned!

Our Story. Redefined.

The modeling industry is a new venture for us and we are excited to get our feet wet. We started out in the service based spa industry. After many years of serving serving many high end clients, we had the opportunity to transition away from our lovely day spa. There are a lot of similarities between this world and the spa industry – the most obvious one, and the most the love the most, is the interaction with people on a regular basis. Our clients feel comfortable working with us, they know that they are in the right hands and that they will be taken care of. The road this this point has been interesting to say the least but we’re happy to be here. Here is an example recent work featuring one of our models at a day spa:


If you are interested in modeling with us, please use our contact form and introduce yourself. Send your resume along with two to four images.

Clients looking for talent, tell us more about your project using our contact form. You can also view our services page to see what we have to offer, we’re aren’t your traditional agency, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how versatile we really are.


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Check out some of our happy clients:

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